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winning team​

We believe that in our team we are not only skilled professionals, but also that our individual profiles complement each other. We believe in Harp’s vision and are motivated to bring it forward.

As remote workers ourselves, we understand the needs of our clients and always search for the best solutions. And the timing? It couldn’t possibly be better than now, when remote working is soaring.

Our core team

Harp Micro Cities team

behind the idea, Hila

Armed with a powerful entrepreneurship passion, Hila is the vision and driving force behind Harp.

With her relevant experience, out-of-the-box thinking and determination for success, Hila is the perfect leader for the new Harp lifestyle.

“I have the ability to look far, to see the whole painting without even one brush line laid out. Then I motivate and guide everyone around me into creating that billion dollar painting.”

Michael Lerer, Business development and public relations

Michael is a social entrepreneur with ten years record in project management in education, marketing, PR & social networks.

Lerer is involved in the municipal government of Israel and well knows with all the regulation in this field.

Well Experienced in government relations and Business strategy


Rotem, product advisor

Rotem is a talented business developer, clients relation manager and user-experience and user-interface designer. Know-how to combine creative thinking and problem solving resulting in business growth and profits. Adept at all phases of the project lifecycle, from an idea phase to small-medium-large companies with profits and clients.

Experience optimizing user engagement for brands such as Forbes. Provided a compelling user experience to improve brand loyalty, customer retention and visit-to-order ratios on SAAS, B2B, and B2C products.

Dan Sobovitz, Political Consultant and content strategist.

Dan is a Digital Communication Strategist for VIPs in international organisations; moderator and lecturer on tech ethics; and civil society activist.

For 5 years, Dan led the digital presence and publications of the Vice President of the European Commission. Previously, he had worked on large-scale digital campaigns with various international organisations, such as the EU Humanitarian Aid Dept. (DG ECHO), UNICEF, UNESCO, the Slovak EU Presidency, and others.

In the field of tech, Dan presents and moderates events (Viva Tech, EU Startup Prize for Mobility, Huawei Academia Salon, Beautiful Software Awards, FEM Smart Logistics Challenge, Crowdsourcing Week, and more). He also blogs and lectures about the interplay between technology, society, and politics. He is now working on building his own, a platform of platforms for disseminating ideas.

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