Invest in Harp Micro Cities

Harp investment is a high yield real-estate investment.

Harp is aimed towards the remote workers, freelancers and high-tech  companies employees and even students.

Harp’s smart business model combines revenues from residential, commercial and other sources.

Harp shall own the properties.

The Harp rental model is suitable for both individuals and companies.

In July 2019, we began to develop the concept of Harp as a home for digital nomads.

Apparently Harp is the right thing at the right time!

Harp had a huge place before the Corona and now it’s bigger then ever.

You now have a golden opportunity to invest in the new settlements following the demographic and occupational changes caused by the Corona epidemic.

The tech world will continue to grow and the real-estate world will continue to evolve. Harp combines both optimally.

Business Model

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