Harp micro cities

Live, work, experience!

Harp is THE solution for remote workers. Live and work in a community

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Harp. THE new way to work and live

Working from home problem

After the Corona, many workers will continue to work from home. People will look for better and affordable living outside the big cities.

But working from home has one major drawback – loneliness. We are all social animals and working alone inside our four walls all day every day is not a viable option.

The HARP solution

HARP builds an innovative form of settlement for remote workers in metropolitan and rural areas.

HARP creates a community of people living in the same place, working in shared work spaces and hanging out together.

Harp micro-city is a perfect place for remote workers. Tech-startups, freelancers, digital nomads and students who need affordable & fun living community, fresh air, lots of WiFi, and good vibes. 

Read more about the logic behind Harp, before the Corona and the day after. 

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