harp micro cities™ creates remote workers communities around the world

harp™ provides high-quality uniform services, supporting environmental development, building a shared community with the local population, encouraging tourism and cooperation with local entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Have an hotel? a real estate to convert? or a city you want to bring business tourism to?
Digital nomads stay between 3-6 month in every location

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1 M
digital nomads
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What is harp micro cities™ ?

harp™ offers an innovative lifestyle that combines community life with remote work. It provides a living, working and recreational environment as part of a quality and supportive community.

harp™’s model is based on a community of people who live in the same place, work in shared workspaces, cooperate and seek personal and social empowerment. At any given moment, anyone can relocate to another harp™ location without difficulty as each harp location has the same lifestyle and living conditions. harp™ ‘s model and management system allow you to stay in any of the locations at a flexible cost.

harp™ Model ​

harp micro cities™ community

Digital nomads are employees, freelancers and people who use communication technologies to make a living and at the same time lead a nomadic lifestyle – easily moving from one location to another as often as needed without compromising their income.

The Team

Hila Peled

The entrepreneur and the living spirit behind the harp™ idea.

Michael Lerer

Business development and public relations

Rotem Peled

Product and Community Development Consultant

Dan Sobovitz

Political Consultant and content strategist.

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